IONTOF Time-of-Flight SIMS:
IEN/IMAT Materials Characterization Facility
In use by Walter Henderson since 07-16-2019 16:47:52
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Equipment Description
The ToF-SIMS system uses Bi ions to directly chemically image surfaces. Sputtering by O or Cs ion beams allows depth profiles up to ~ 1 micron. Atomic masses from 1 up to >5000 amu (i.e. H up to large molecules) can be detected with a high mass resolution. The system can detect trace elements down to concentrations of a few parts per million. The software can produce 2-D and 3 -D chemical reconstructions of analyzed areas. Lateral resolution is as small as ~300 nm, vertical resolution is ~ 2nm.
Institute Georgia Tech
Department IEN/IMAT Materials Characterization Facility