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Thermo K-Alpha XPS:
IEN/IMAT Materials Characterization Facility
In use by Amar Mohabir since 01-19-2020 14:31:07
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X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is an analytical technique that directs a monochromatic beam of x-rays onto a sample and detects the characteristic electrons that are ejected. The energies and number of these electrons can be used to determine not only the elements present on the sample surface, but their abundance and chemical bonding state as well. Elements from Li to U can be detected. The technique is highly surface sensitive – the typical detection depth is ~5 nm – and can detect light elements such as Si (Z =14) and below at about 1% of the total surface composition and heavier elements down to ~0.1 % with an accuracy of 20 – 50 percent of the given value.
Institute Georgia Tech
Department IEN/IMAT Materials Characterization Facility
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Thermo K-Alpha XPS
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