Add New Equipment
Internal Equipment Number 0
For Supplies: Information Link Text
For Supplies: Information Link. Format:
Text to be included in authorization email when they pass training requirements
Allow Anyone To Mark Tool Down
Text to be included in the touchscreen "No Auth" response email.
Equipment Group Molecular Evolution
Sub Tool Of
Location None
Is Inventory
Processing Tab Article
No map available
Room Number or Sub Location
Service Center
Equipment Type Equipment
Is Label Printer Scanner
Storage Area
Label Printer
Supply Cost GT Academic
Supply Cost Outside GT Academic
Supply Cost Foreign Academic/Industrial
Search Tags
Active Active
Tool Scheduling Group
Reservation Mode Schedule
Schedule Mode: False
Manual Charge Hourly Rate 0
GTAsset Tag Number
Equipment Manufacturer
Model Number
Serial Number
Extra Eq Info
Vendor Info
Blood Bourne Pathogen Required
Radiation Permit Required.  Note: to edit the radiation safety permit please contact Jason Herrington at Radiation Safety Not Required
Right To Know Required
Radiation Permit
Clean Up Enabled Disabled
Number of People Per Cleanup 0
Cleanup Note Sent to Researchers
Clean Up Monday Disabled
Clean Up Tuesday Disabled
Clean Up Wednesday Disabled
Clean Up Thursday Disabled
Clean Up Friday Disabled
Default Scheduling/Usage Rule Group None
Billing Cap Group
Billing Periodic Rate Group
Touchscreen on Login questionaire
Touchscreen on Logout questionaire
System Specification