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Acoustic Water Tank
Biomedical Engineering 3D Printing Core
BTZ – Diagnostic Equipment
BTZ – High pressure Test Facilities
BTZ – Infrastructure Systems
BTZ – Low Pressure Test Facilities
BTZ – Norwalk High Pressure Air System 
Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory
Center for Neurocognitive Enhancement
Center for X-ray Diffraction Structure Analysis
College of Design
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Instructional Labs
Biomedical Engineering Printing Services
BME Design Shop
BME/TEP Core Facility
Environmental Health & Safety
Everything DAR Rooms
Georgia Tech NMR Laboratory
Organic Materials Characterization Laboratory
GT COVID PCR Surveillance Group
GT Defensive Driving
GT Fire Safety
GT Respiratory Services
GTMI 422
GTMI Prototype Center
GTRI - AWTD Laboratory
GTRI - AWTD Integration Lab
GVU Craft Lab
GVU Prototyping Lab
GWW School of ME
Human Augmentation Core (HAC) Lab -- IRIM
IBB Dewar Fill Station
Idea Lab
IEN - Biocleanroom
IEN - Micro/Nano Fabrication Facility
IEN - Packaging Research Center
IEN Projects
IEN - Micro-Machining Laser Lab
IEN Instructional Center
IEN IT Support
IEN/IMAT Materials Characterization Facility
Institut Lafayette 
Characterization Laboratory
Crystal Growth Laboratory
Device Processing Laboratory
Organic Laboratory
Invention Studio at Georgia Tech
Materials Innovation & Learning Laboratory 
MC3M Biomanufacturing Service Center
Mechanical Properties Characterization Facility
Montgomery Machining Mall
MSE Microscopy Lab
MSE Polishing Lab
MSE Thermal Analysis Lab
Petit Biotechnology Building Support
Petit Institute Core Facilities
Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory
Backup Freezer Storage
Bioanalytical Mass Spectometry Core
Biomechanics Core
Biomolecular Analysis Core
Biopolymer Characterization Core
Cellular Analysis and Cytometry Core
Data Analysis
Decontamination and Sterilization
Histology Core
Laser Cutter Services Lab
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core
Microcomputed Tomography Core
Molecular Evolution
Neuroscience Core
Optical Microscopy Core
Systems Mass Spectrometry
Student Competition Center
SUMS Administration
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